Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello 8th Foundation Day

I'm so glad I was invited to Hello English School Iloilo 
8th Foundation Day last Thursday, July 19, 2012.
Of course, I was looking forward to eating Korean food, 
drinking a little and mingling with other teachers and students.
Expectations met.

So, here's what I wore:
(Please bear with me, it's my first outfit post.) 

At the start of the day it was sunny and hot.

I'm just glad at the end of the day, it was gloomy and cold, which made my top just perfect.

Get used to it. I have crappy hair all the time.

Sunglasses: Bench
Top: My grandmother's
 Shorts: Fabshop
 Strappy Flats: Forever21

Friday, July 20, 2012

Taoist Temple/Tops/Doce Pares

July 7, 2012
It's our second day in Cebu and we have no time to waste with our 3-day vacation.
I'm more than excited because it's our (I and my boyfriend's) first time
 traveling outside of Panay Island though  we've been together for over 6 years. 
Adding to my excitement is the fact that we don't know 
Cebu so well ~ the directions/places, the language (we can comprehend but not speak Bisaya-Cebuano). 
We're thrilled to get lost together and this is pure adventure.


Entrance Fee: NONE
(we're originally heading to Doce Pares first but the taxi drivers seem
 not familiar with the place ~ we almost lost hope)

When i searched online, in one of the websites, 
this place topped the list of tourist spots in Cebu (surprisingly!)

It took us less than 100.00 for taxi fare from Banilad
The road up Beverly Hills is winding.

Taoist Temple entrance.

 Behind me is a room where the the most spacious altar is situated.
They don't allow tourists to take photos of the the inside of the altar.

Interesting! But I wasn't able to get in and try it because I was wearing shorts.

About 7 years ago, I'm sure I had a photo taken with this dragon behind me. 
I don't know where it is now though.

I'm aiming to shoot the coin in one of the jars and my wish will come true. I had to do it twice. Haha!

 Jieven was fascinated by the dragon which he links to Mushu in Mulan. 
He really insists on taking a photo.

Thank God for self-timer and a flat surface to put the camera on! 
We finally had a photo together!

Second stop: TOPS

Entrance Fee: 100.00
The houses are smaller than my thumb and my hand is larger than the buildings! 
I'm on top of Cebu and everything  seems so small but wonderful.
The view's just breath-taking.
I'm afraid of heights, by the way. 
But the feeling of fulfillment when you're on top and you see the view is priceless.

We took the habal-habal (motorbike) going to Tops, it costs 200.00, (the travel was worth it so we paid 300.00) in contrast to the 1,500.00 fare if we take the taxi.

 Im on top of Cebu. Yay!

I love how they grew bermuda grasses in between hexagon cements.

I wish I had a better camera to capture the view.

I had to put in 4 pieces five-peso coin to get this thing started. 
But it was good for only less than a minute!
Too expensive!


Entrance Fee: 20.00
Not far from Tops, we head to Doce Pares Zipline ~ our ultimate place to visit for the day.

Still on top of the mountain!

I really want to sit here and have my photo taken but this is hanging.
I'm too scared.

The kid in me!

Thanks to the driver, he took the photos!

Okay! That's me hanging! I really find this funny but I feel a need to post this.
FYI: It's my first time zip-lining so I was screaming from start to finish.

We paid 250.00 each for superman. They also have sitting position for 200.00. 
It's composed of 3 zip lines ~ one really long zip line to the other end, going back there's a stopover in the middle and finally back to where we've started.

 There are other activities like walking on a thin hanging bridge and jumping 
 from a very tall structure (which I think only costs only 20.00 and 50.00, respectively)
but earlier that day it rained so these weren't allowed due to danger

I'm coming back for more, Cebu!