Thursday, July 2, 2015

Blame it on my Gypsy Soul -

Vietnamese dong - A millionaire in Vietnam. 

Museum of Ho Chi Minh City 


We're getting lost, but the we don't mind. 

Notre Dame Basilica 


The Post Office 

Squad Pose

Still at the Post Office 

One of the struggles in Vietnam, crossing the street. See next photo...

Whoah! 5-6 million motorbikes in Ho Chi Minh City

Fairy Stream
Dynasty Resort

Lounging by the beach

White Sand Dunes, can you believe this is in South East Asia?

Walking endlessly 
We just have to take a photo

Timing is everything

Fishing Village

Trying out how VietCongs go down the tunnel

Our funny tour guide. His father is  VietCong so I learned a lot.

I love the food in Vietnam
They're very cheap, healthy and delicious


Their street food is love... and cheap.

Banh Mi sidewalk cart 

Past time: drinking coffee